Thermic Fluid Pump Horizontal Split Casing Pump & Inline Centrifugal Pumps

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These pumps are normally made from WCB/SS Material which is able to withstand with a high-Temperature application and hot oil transfer in the boiler. Our pumps are suitable for both organic and inorganic fluids and used in oil refineries, food, chemical, textile industries, and seawater desalination plants. These pumps are equipped with water/self-cooling feature that makes them suitable for the applications in heat transfer plants and handling of organic heat transferring of oils. In compliance with the latest industry standards, these pumps are designed with heavy-duty bearings.


  1. Capacity: up to 250 M3/hr
  2. Temperature: up to 350ºc
  3. TDH: up to 95 mlc
  4. Working Pressure: up to 20 Bars
  5. Delivery Size: up to 100 mm
  6. Speed: 960/1450/2900 rpm.


  1. Horizontal and vertical Execution and Centre Line Suspension
  2. Gland Pack / Mechanical Seals
  3. 3 stage HSC Pump with Head up to 170 mtrs and flow up to 350 m3/hr for Condensed Extraction.
  4. Bush Bearing arrangement
  5. Bearing Cooling  arrangement
  6. High head pumps have Double Volute Casing
  7. Two stage pump-single entry closed type with Impellers Back to Back
  8. Capacity up to 18000m3/hr
  9. Head up to 270m


  1. Water supply
  2. Building Services
  3. Circulating Water Systems
  4. Paper Mills
  5. Water / Effluent Treatment
  6. Pharmaceuticals
  7. Irrigation
  8. Sugar Mills
  9. Ports and Docks
  10. Vegetable Oil Mills
  11. Air Conditioning
  12. General Industry Requirements
  13. Fire fighting


  1. “MALHAR” Volute casing IN-LINE centrifugal pumps Type
  2. RIL is space-saving pump units designed for easy installation and used generally for circulating clean non-aggressive fluids.
  3. Water supply Systems
  4. Water circulation /Transfer
  5. Hot water Circulation
  6. Agriculture
  7. Industry
  8. Ship Building
  9. Cooling Towers
  10. And many other Applications
  11. Horizontal and vertical Execution and Centre
  12. Capacity: up to 280M3/hr
  13. Head: up to 95 mtr
  14. Higher capacity and available on request
  15. Material of Construction: CI/Bronze/SS Etc