Self-priming Centrifugal Pumps & Self-priming Cum Centrifugal Type Mud Pump

SPCF Series & MSP Series
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  1. Creative engineers now introduce self-priming cum centrifugal pumps with a closed and semi-open impeller.
  2. We have made SS-304 or SS-316 chamber in round shape or in square shape.
  3. These chambers are interconnected with casings, casings have flap type or disc type non-return valve (NRV) depends upon the application. We use flap-type NRV when liquid is dirty or containing some solid particles. We use a disc type check valve when liquid is crystal clear.
  4. These NRVs hold the liquid in the chamber and the centrifugal pump works as a self priming pump.
  5. All wetted parts are made from SS-304 or SS-316 sheet only and chambers are tested with hydraulic test up to 10 bar. If more pressure is needed than we test at 1.5 times the shutoff pressure. The thickness of sheet depends upon the size and pressure of the system.
  6. These pumps are ideal for all applications where people do not want to use a foot valve or have a suction problem.
  7. The size of the self-priming chamber depends upon capacity and suction length.
  8. We also offer an openable chamber so one can clean it very easily.
  9. This is required in the sanitary application and in some sticky material applications.
  10. All our CF series pumps are now available with such a chamber in monoblock or bare version.
  11. All our mud pumps which are comparatively costly in SS castings are now offered in our new
  12. SPCF version with open or semi-open impellers.


  1. Size: 12 MM TO 100MM
  2. Head: 03 METERS TO 76 METERS
  3. Capacity: UP TO 500 M3/HR