Rubber Lined Pumps, Ptfe Lined & Ceramic Coated Pumps

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  1. Construction:  All wet parts coming in contact with liquid pumped is either lined on cast Iron or made appropriate corrosion resistance Non-Metallics.
  2. Drive:  Pumps are mainly arranged from a coupling drive or V belt drive on request
  3. Impeller: Semi-Open type rubber-lined Impeller handles maximum solid particles without a load on the pump's Efficiency
  4. Shaft: EN-9 OR SS 316
  5. Sleeve: Alloy-20, Ceramic, FRP
  6. Ball Bearing: Inboard bearing is pressed on shaft (En-9 / SS 316)
  7. and is free to float axially in a frame that carries radial load only. Outboard bearing is shouldered red and locked on a shaft with locknut and washer and in bearing housing to carry radial and an unbalanced thrust load. All bearing fits are precision bored.
  8. Gland Packing: Pumps are fitted with gland packing compatible with the liquid to be handled.


  1. Hydraulic Acid at all Concentrations
  2. Dilute Sulphuric Acid
  3. Pigment Slurries
  4. Lime Slurry / Milk of Lime
  5. Phosphoric Acid Solutions
  6. Paper Stock
  7. Industrial effluents
  8. Ore Slurries
  9. Acidic Slurries
  10. Abrasive Slurries
  11. Sea Water


  1. 10 M3/hr  - 40 M3/hr
  2. Head-Up to 20 meters
  3. Liquid Column

(Higher Models Available on Request.)

For Abrasive Liquids:

  1. Suspension with fine abrasive solids
  2. Up to 3 mm slurries, Calcium Hypochlorite, Potassium Hypochlorite, Copper Ox chloride,
  3. Iron Ore Slurry, Coal Ash Slurry, River-Bed Gravel Abrasive Silt.


FLUORO-POLYMER LINED-PVDF/FEP/PFA LINED These pumps are designed for handling of most served industrials duties & available in a variety of lining materials to suit different requirements involving highly aggressive media at elevated temperature. This pump has excellent chemical as well as temperature resistance similar to PTFE & is cost-effective alternative to expensive metals & alloys like hast alloy, tantalum, nickel, etc.

The wet parts of the pumps are lined with following fluoro-polymers.

  1. PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride)
  2. FEP(Fluorinated ethylene propylene )
  3. PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy)


  1. Permits applications all aggressive, corrosive or toxic media
  2. Up to 200°c with or without abrasive slurries
  3. Max Head:  Up to 100 MWC
  4. Max Capacity:  Up to 200 M3/hr